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Successful Completion of Two Parallel 5.5km OffshoreAviation Fuel Pipelines Using HDD Method for Hong Kong International Airport

Time: 2018-03-12 11:37:33 Update: 2018-09-17 10:47:14 View: 2104

At15:23pm, March 9, 2018, with the second pipeline coming out of the daylightpoint, Huayuan Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Huayuan)successfully completed the whole Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works ofthe two parallel 5.2km offshore aviation fuel pipelines for Hong KongInternational Airport. Previously, on December 27th 2017, the first HDDaviation fuel pipeline had already been successfully installed by the company. Withinan interval of only 72 days between the two pipelines’ successful completion,Huayuan company, for two times, made the achievements of new world records by completionof the longest HDD pipelines installation, which provided a good starting pointfor the third Runway System Project of Hong Kong International Airport . 

The management team of the Hong Kong Airport Authority, ConsultantEngineers employed by the Client, Project Manager Representative of thirdRunway System Project, Atkins Consultants and Huayuan Design Consultantsdesignated by Black & Veatch, along with Huayuan staffs and HuayuanPresident Mr. SHI Zhanhua, together witnessed the historic moment of this worldrecord making. The anti-corrosion coating of the pipeline after being installedthrough the more than 5km length of rock borehole, was inspected totally intactand integrated, estimated on the extra two pipes coming out of the daylightpoint. The Management and Engineering team of the Client spoke highly of thenearly perfect performance of Huayuan company when carrying out thisworld-class HDD project.   


At 18:00pm, the whole managerial team of the client arrived at the HDDentry site, visiting and greeting all of the Huayuan Staffs on site. After theClient Project Leader having made the speech of ardent congratulation and sincereappreciation, all Huayuan staffs and the Project team of Hong Kong AirportAuthority have a group photo taken to mark the occasion. 

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