Zhejiang Luxin Door Operation Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Lanxi Great Wall Rack Factory) has long been focusing on the transmission parts industry, and is constantly pursuing excellence in quality and technology. Its 22 years of professional manufacturing experience has allowed it to accumulate in the industry. With rich professional advantages. Therefore, the modernization of the enterprise technology center is continuously promoted. We have a professional design team to develop hardware products, and introduce a number of advanced production equipment, effectively improving the technical support and production capacity of the products.


focusing on the transmission parts industry
  • Add:No.200 Gaoxin RD,Shanghua St,Lanxi,Zhejiang,P.R China
  • Service hotline:13867924431
  • Tel:0086-579-88388377
  • Fax:0086-579-88388588
  • E-mail:luxz@greatwall-rack.com
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